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“When your home is SORTed, your mind, body, and soul are freed from the stress of living in disORDER.”



S.   O.   R.   T.


Provides a safe space for decision making in the purge process


Develops systems that allow for greater efficiency in a particular functional space


Visualizes and creates the desired outcome


Reviews and discusses a plan of action to maintain the newly organized space

"Just here to give my full review after getting #SORTed by Shani. So I sent Shani a pic of the area I wanted organized (my office/ new virtual teaching space). We then set up a consultation where she came to my home to actually SEE what needed to be done. She followed up with emails of things such as bins she suggested I/she purchase to help me store items. She also suggested I purge some items (I hate getting rid of stuff) before she returned for our SORTed date. When she came we got right to it. We developed a plan of how we were going to organize and what I wanted to be visible/hidden. Overall her service was wonderful. I loved the great advice she gave and the fact that she didn't force me to get rid of everything for a “clean” look. It turned out perfect in my eyes, not OCD clean, but SORTed just right. I now feel ready to start the new virtual school year at home. PS she is also helping me with my kid’s toyroom. #SortedByShani #BlackBusinessOwner #IGotSorted"

-N. Newman


I had no idea my life was so out of order until I got SORTed by Shani. My pantry was more like a junk drawer but full of Tupperware, canned foods, aluminum pans, peanut butter, and cast iron skillets.  There was absolutely no rhyme or reason or order to any of it.  I needed help and SORTed by Shani came through!! Not only with ideas, but tools, patience, and just enough OCD to transform my pantry and utility room into actual usable spaces. Being organized is a game changer. Shani upgraded my whole situation and after a brief therapy session, I was inspired to live a life free of disorder and stress....the SORTed way!  I can't thank you enough, Shani.

- M. Davis

Where do I start?!! After returning to the States from a 6 month tour with my theater company, I needed help unpacking and purging and did I mention that I was also embracing a new minimalist lifestyle? I had a huge task before me. I was referred to SORTed by Shani by my mother and what a BLESSING! Shani was very patient and attentive during our virtual consultation. I had some ideas for my closet and she made it happen within a week. I was relieved to learn that she shops...yes, she SHOPS for her clients (she actually suggested the cutest baskets/storage bins) and delivered the storage items when she came to redesign my closet. Shani coached me through the purge....she made it fun and her sense of humor had me tossing my things away.  What seemed like a burden actually turned out to be blast! I love my new closet and all that comes along with the SORTed experience.

- M. Carroll

Thanks so much for our closet make over.  It is simply beautiful. Adisa even told me to get the rest of the hangers before we went to bed last night. You are doing awesome work and your calling. Keep it up! 

- Dr. Daramia Hinton 


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