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SORTed by Shani was birthed out of my own personal version of single motherhood and the trials and triumphs that no other super-MOM, expert doctor, or support group warns you about. The blessing of becoming a mom to a beautiful baby boy changed my life forever. I had to embrace becoming a new mom, and l discovered a regime that helped me manage what appeared to be chaos, and SORTed was created.

SORT is an acronym that I used for everything in my single mom life. I used Sorting-Organizing-Redesigning -and-Therapy in every aspect of motherhood. I incorporated these four steps in every aspect from organizing my home and work spaces, to planning school, extra-curricular activities, travel, hobbies, and family events.

Creating a platform and services that provide opportunities to share my gift of SORTing with people like me, is a calling from GOD. I am beyond blessed and grateful to be in a position to help SORT, serve, and support others who are seeking change from a life of overwhelming and over extended declutter and chaos, to a lifestyle drenched in endless possibilities to blossom into the best versions of themselves.


Welcome to SORTed by Shani. Let’s get you SORTed today!!

Sorted by Shani pictured with The Home Edit 


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